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TurningPoint Cloud is here!

The TurningPoint audience response system allows students to participate in Microsoft PowerPoint presentation lectures by submitting responses to interactive questions using a ResponseCard (clicker) or Responseware.

The University of Utah is supporting Turning Point Cloud, which requires you to create an account and then download the new software if using your own computer.

  • Anonymous polling with Cloud works the same as with previous versions of TurningPoint.
  • Integration with Canvas of tracked polling data from TuringPoint Cloud requires faculty and student Cloud accounts, a Cloud receiver, as well as licensed clickers or responseware
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Faculty -- create an account and download the new software if using your own computer.
TurningPoint Cloud required for Canvas integration of participant polling.
Learn more from Teaching & Learning Technologies on campus.

Students -- create an account and learn where to purchase Clickers or Responseware.

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Instructors can reserve clickers/receiver for anonymous polling:

  1. Reserve library clickers for anonymous polling, no Canvas integration.
  2. Save the PDF Form (Right click, choose "Save Link as" and Save to your computer.)
  3. Open the saved PDF form (in Adobe Reader, not within your browser.)
  4. Complete the form. Save.
  5. Attach completed PDF form to email, send to:

The library currently has 200 response cards and 10 receivers for Health Sciences education. The TurningPoint software is free.

We can help! Contact the library staff for assistance:

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HSEB Podium PCs have both Turning Point Cloud and TurningPoint 5 (version 5.4.1) installed.

From September 8th, only Turning Point Cloud will be installed on HSEB podium PCs.

January 2016, TurningPoint 5 will no longer be supported by TurningTechnologies.

Other audience response systems:

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is available for use in the Health Sciences.
Take a tour.
Instructors interested is using Poll Everywhere can contact Ruth Braga via