IAIMS Newsletter

Archive for 2001

The IAIMS Newsletter is published by the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library and provides valuable information about Library activities and resources as well as informative articles related to information technology.

The newsletters have been converted to Portable Document Format (pdf) using Adobe Acrobat Exchange. This allows retention of the original formatting, while providing access for DOS, Macintosh and Windows operating systems. To view these pdf files, you must obtain Adobe Inc.'s FREE Acrobat Reader software appropriate for your operating system. The reader provides both viewing and printing capabilities and can be configured to launch automatically from within your Web browser (ie, Netscape, Mosaic, Mac/WinWeb.) Once you have downloaded and installed the Acrobat Reader, you can view and print any of the newsletters linked to here.

To subscribe to the paper or electronic mail copies of the newsletter, please contact email Jeanne LeBer , editor of the IAIMS newsletter.