Audience Polling

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Poll Everywhere

  • Increase student or audience engagement using Poll Everywhere, an online polling system.
  • Poll Everywhere allows participants to respond to questions, with their phone or computer, via text or on the web, whether they are in class or telecommuting. You will be free from the burden of clickers and receivers!.
  • Easy to set up and administer, polling questions can be created in seconds and integrated into PowerPoint, Google Slides, or presented on their own.
  • Poll Everywhere accounts are available to instructors in the Health Sciences.

Take a tour, then request a Poll Everywhere account at from your email.

TurningPoint Cloud

Another audience response system available on campus, TurningPoint allows students to participate in Microsoft PowerPoint presentation lectures by submitting responses to interactive questions using a liensed ResponseCard (clicker) or Responseware.
TLT at the University of Utah is supporting Turning Point Cloud, which requires instructors to create an account and download the software if using your own computer, and students to use a ResponseCard (clicker) or Responseware offers:

  • Anonymous polling with Cloud works the same as with previous versions of TurningPoint.
  • Integration with Canvas of tracked polling data from TuringPoint Cloud requires faculty and student Cloud accounts, a Cloud receiver, as well as licensed clickers or responseware
  • .
TurningPoint icon Learn more and get support for TurningPoint Cloud from Teaching & Learning Technologies on campus.

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