NCBI Workshops

NCBI Discovery Workshops

Class Materials

The classes will be held in room 1750 of the Health Sciences Education Building on the University of Utah Health Sciences Campus. For directions and parking information, see the HSEB FAQs.

Please remember that each session is hands-on and you will need to bring a computer to participate fully.

Handouts will be available before class, if you would like to print out copies to bring with you.

If you are participating in a class that uses the NCBI structure viewer Cn3D and would like to install the program before class, the installation files can be found here:

Program Overview

The Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library is hosting the NCBI Discovery Workshops on February 27th and 28th, 2012. The Workshops consist of four 2.5-hour hands-on sessions emphasizing different sets of NCBI resources. Each session uses specific examples to highlight important features of the resources and tools under study and to demonstrate how to accomplish common tasks.

The four modules of the Discovery Workshops focus on the following areas:

  1. Sequences, Genomes and Maps
    • This class covers tools such as RefSeq, GenBank, and NCBI MapViewer as well as other resources covering gene, mRNA, and protein sequences.
  2. Proteins, Domains and Structures
    • This class covers the NCBI protein resources such as Protein, Cn3D, Conserved Domain Database, and Related Structures.
  3. NCBI BLAST Services
    • This class covers the various ways the NCBI BLAST Services can be used to analyze gene and protein sequences.
  4. Human Variation and Disease Genes
    • This class covers the way in which NCBI resources can be used to explore the relationships between human genetic variations and diseases.

Participants may attend all or any combination of these sessions. Each session is entirely hands-on and attendees will need to bring their own computer to participate fully in the sessions. The instructor will present a specific example using the live NCBI web site followed by a period of individual practice on related problems. Detailed handouts for each session will provide step-by-step instructions and additional information about each example. Each session will also provide opportunities for participants to provide comments and suggestions on NCBI services and also to attend individual consultations with NCBI staff.

Workshops Schedule

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Classes will be in room 1750 of the Health Sciences Education Building on the University of Utah Health Sciences Campus.

NCBI Discovery Workshops Flyer

For more information or to cancel a class registration, please contact:
Abby L. Adamczyk
Research Librarian
Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library
University of Utah
801-581-3632 Fax

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