Health Literacy Interest Group

A collaboration among the Center of Excellence in Women's Health, Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, School of Medicine, the Colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy, Health, and Department of Communication to meet the challenge of increasing the awareness of health literacy in Utah.

Health Literacy is "the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions" according to the Institute of Medicine.


National Action Plan to Improve Health Literacy

The action plan seeks to engage organizations, professionals, policymakers, communities, individuals, and families in a linked, multisector effort to improve health literacy. The plan is based on the principles that (1) everyone has the right to health information that helps them make informed decisions and (2) health services should be delivered in ways that are understandable and beneficial to health, longevity, and quality of life. The vision informing this plan is of a society that:

Training Programs

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Past Events:

March 28, 2013: Priscilla M. Mayden Lecture: Health Literacy: A Vital Pathway to Healthcare Transformation

May 4, 2011: A virtual session of 10th Annual Health Literacy Conference (Current Year Conference)

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