Educational Computing Committee, School of Medicine

Request for Proposals (2012 - 2013)

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The School of Medicine Educational Computing Committee (ECC) is calling for short proposals requesting funding for projects involving computers and related technology that will enhance student education. Applications are limited to projects at the School of Medicine.

Successful applications to the ECC are those that promise to improve the teaching of core material in specific areas, that will be used or endorsed by the faculty, and that are clearly linked to assessment. Students are busy and ignore purely supplemental material, no matter how advanced the equipment or sophisticated the software.

Requests can be made for:

  1. Equipment: such as computers and digital cameras
  2. Software: either specialized packages or to support students who develop instructional programs

Recent successful equipment requests have ranged from desktop computers for the Public Health Program’s student lab to digital video cameras used by first year medical students to record interviews with patients.

The purchase of some equipment, like LCD projectors, is supported by the University’s eClassroom initiative and such equipment will not be funded by the ECC. If you are not sure about an item you should check before completing an equipment request (see below*).

Software development requests have provided support for our students to create a wide range of course material, from a bank of written questions for self-evaluation to digital video and CD production.

While you will need to provide direction and content, you don't need to have prior computer or multimedia experience in order to propose a software project. Nancy Lombardo (, 801-581-5241) at the Spencer S. Eccles Library would be pleased to talk with anyone, demonstrate existing programs, and help you learn how to create new material. Many of our students are expert in these matters, as well.

Application Forms

Click on a link below to download the form you need:

If you are having difficulty, please contact Nancy Lombardo at or call her at 801-581-5241.


Applications are due on Friday, 27 January 2012 and should be sent in as e-mail attachments as described on the forms.

Evaluation of Proposals

The funding for these projects comes entirely from a yearly request the Dean or Vice President submits to the University’s Student Computing Advisory Committee (SCAC), which administers money collected campus-wide from student fees. The ECC prepares this request. The SCAC evaluates and supports requests based on their likelihood of enhancing student education.

For this reason, the ECC can only consider proposals that benefit the education of undergraduates, graduate, or medical students. These funds cannot be used for the primary benefit of faculty or staff, research projects, post docs, or intern/residency programs. For example, a request for a computer to be permanently installed in a department’s conference room, which could be used for some class work, will be ranked lower than a request for the same computer to be placed in a dedicated classroom or student lab.

*If you have questions about the appropriateness of a proposal, please call or e-mail Dr. Rick Ash (x1-3192, before applying.

The SCAC originally provided funds only for computer equipment in student labs. The School of Medicine’s ECC has been successful in convincing this committee to expand its horizon and support a wider range of equipment and local software development.


Please call or e-mail Dr. Rick Ash (801-581-3192, or Nancy Lombardo (801-581-5241, ).

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