About QR Codes

What are QR Codes?
A QR code is a 2D code that enables those with the appropriate reader (for example, a QR code mobile device application) to "scan" the code in order to view further information. QR Codes can contain links to websites (which is mainly how the Eccles Library uses them), text, or other data. In addition to around the library, you may have noticed them in magazines, newspapers, and even on price tags at stores. If not, look for them. QR Codes can be very useful in finding more information about a variety of things.

What Do I Need to Scan Them?

To scan QR Codes, you will need a QR Code Scanning Application on your mobile device. There are numerous applications available to several types of mobile devices. If your device has a camera, web-browsing capability, as well as the ability to download applications, you likely have all the requirements of getting a QR Code Scanning application.

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The quickest and easiest way of getting the appropriate application is through your mobile device's application market place (App Store, App World, App Marketplace, etc.). You can also download a free reader from many different websites. Just search for "QR Code Scanner for your-mobile-device" in Google, and download it. You may also try BeeTagg; there are several mobile devices that support this application, including BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Symbian, Palm, Windows Mobile, and more.

I Don't Know If I am Tech-Savvy Enough For All This...

turnitin Just try it. There are many free QR Code Scanners available. As you begin to use the application, you may be surprised as to how many different places you can find these codes. This technology is becoming more utilized by the day, so why not be ahead of the curve, and just give it a try?

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