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 About Us 

 Academic Colleges at UUHSC 

 Academic Pioneer Utah's Online Library.

 Address of the library 

 Addresses for physicans, dentists, hospitals and more.

 Alumni Hall  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Article Databases 

 Ask A Question 

 Audience focused pages 

 Audience Response Sytem TurningPoint software for the Health Sciences Center

 Author Instructions 

 Award-winning Design  [EHSL, desktop format]


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 Bicycle Cages  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Biomedical Informatics  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Bistro Cafe at the Hub  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Blog Eccles Library blog, where you can read about news and events at the Library.

 Blog listing, Eccles Library List of Library weblogs

 Bookstore, Health Sciences 

 Borrowing Policies 

 Brief Guide 

 Building Directory  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Building Management  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Building Overview  [EHSL, desktop format]


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 Calendars for Eccles Library  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Campus AtoZ Index 

 Campus Directory 

 Campus Links 

 Campus Map 

 Cancer Research Guide Library and online resources on the topic of cancer, all types.

 Center of Excellence in Women's Health 



 Citing Electronic (& Print) Sources 

 Citing Electronic and Print Resources including APA, AMA, MLA styles.

 Class Evaluation Tell us how the class worked for you.

 Class Evaluation Link (for library classes and workshops)

 Classrooms  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Clinical Skills Suite  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Clinical Staff Education 

 Clinical Toolbox - Clinical Tools for Point of Care

 Collections & Libraries 

 Computer & Media 

 Computer Suite  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Computer Support 

 Computer Use Policy University of Utah Student Computing Facilities Acceptable Use Policy

 Computers and HSEB Provided Technology and Equipment  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Consult with a Librarian 

 Consumer Health 

 Contact Us 

 Contact Us  [EHSL, desktop format]


 Course Materials - see "My Classes" in CIS 

 Credit Card online payments - pay for services online via our secure ecommerce site.

 CTE registration and instructions 

 Current Awareness & Health News 


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 Daily Room Schedule 

 Databases, Full-text 

 Databases, Marriott Library 

 Databases, Medical & Health Sciences 

 Dental Education  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Dental Neuroanatomy course guide Course guide for Anatomy 6050 taught by David Morton and Suzanne Stensaas.


 Digital Collections 

 Directory, Campus 

 Directory, Library Staff & Faculty 

 Distance Education Classrooms  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Distance Education Services 

 Document Delivery & Interlibrary Loans 

 Donations - Help us grow 



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 eBooks Online, fulltext books. Some free, most are restricted to University of Utah.

 Eccles Health Sciences Library 


 Education & Instruction Services 

 EHSLibrary Blog Eccles Library blog, where you can read about news and events at the Library.

 eJournals Online, fulltext journals from the University Libraries. Some free, most are restricted to University of Utah.

 Employment Opportunities 


 eSynapse Current issue

 eSynapse archive

 Evalutating Internet Resources 

 Event Calendar, Eccles Health Sciences Library Select Calendar for Eccles Health Sciences Library

 Event Calendar, University of Utah Calendar of Events at The University of Utah

 Evidence Based Practice 



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 Facilities use policies  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Faculty & Staff Directory 

 FAQ  [EHSL, desktop format]

 FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions 

 Feedback  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Fees, Library Fees for Services 


 Floor plans, HSEB  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Free Clinical Tools 

 Fulltext Databases 

 Fulltext Electronic Journals for the University of Utah campus.


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 Garage Parking 

 General Medicine Research Guide Library and online resources on the topic of general medicine.

 Genetics, see Helix Helper 

 Gerontology Research Tools and resources for coursework and research in gerontology.

 Government Agencies, Documents & Databases 

 Government Documents (Gov Docs) 

 Government Documents, Health Sciences Find government documents, databases, data sets, statistics, agencies, and research tools related to the health sciences.



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 Handouts Use these handouts to become familiar with the process for searching a database or using a software program.

 Handouts & Tutorials 

 HEAL, Health Assets Education Library 

 Health Library - the Hope Fox Eccles Health Library offers patients and visitors a place to find health information.

 Health Literacy Guide - a collaboration to meet the challenge of increasing the awareness of health literacy in Utah.

 Health Sciences Center Colleges 

 Health Sciences Center, UUHSC 

 Health Sciences Education Building, HSEB  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Health Sciences Libraries, USA 

 Health, College of 

 Helix Helper 

 History of Medicine Collection 


 Hours  [EHSL, desktop format]

 How to Find Us 

 HSEB, Health Sciences Education Building  [EHSL, desktop format]


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 IAIMS Newsletter 1995 - 2008. [EHSL, desktop format]

 ILLiad Order items (articles, books & more) not on campus. Fees may apply.

 Infofair the library's annual technology fair on computing issues in the health sciences.

 Informatics  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Institutional Repository (IR) USpace is an open archive of the intellectual capital and scholarly materials of the University of Utah.

 Interlibrary Loans & Document Delivery 

 iTunes U 


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 Jobs at Eccles Library Employment opportunities at Eccles Library


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 Knowledge Weavers Archive  [EHSL, desktop format]


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 Lab Use Policy Computer Use Policy for University of Utah Computing Facilities

 Law Library, Quinney 

 Lecture Halls  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Librarian's Internet Index - high-quality websites carefully selected, described, and organized by a team of librarians.

 Library Catalog Find items at campus libraries - Eccles Health Sciences, Marriott, and Quinney Law.

 Library Catalogs 

 Library Classes 

 Library Permits 

 Library Services 

 LIFT, Library & Information Technology Forum 

 Lockers  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Lost and Found  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Lost and Found lost and found policies page


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 Maps  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Marriott Library Homepage 

 Medical & Health Sciences Databases A-Z 

 Medical Home Portal - an approach to providing comprehensive primary care to children with special health care needs.

 Medicine - Research Guide 

 Medicine, School of 

 Mission and Vision of the Library 

 MLA, Medical Library Association 

 Mobile Applications 

 Mobile Technology 

 Molecular Biology and Genetics Library services for scientists and students in the field of molecular biology research.

 Molecular Biology, see Helix Helper 



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 National Library of Medicine, NLM 

 National Network of Libraries of Medicine, NNLM 

 Neuroscience Resources Guide Resources specific to the area of Neuroscience.

 News in Health & Medicine 

 Newsletter, eSynapse 2008 - 2015

 Newsletter, IAIMS 1995 - 2008 [EHSL, desktop format]

 Next Generation Library 

 NLM Gateway 

 NLM Locatorplus 

 NLM, National Library of Medicine 

 NN/LM MidContinental Region National Networks of Libraries of Medicine - MidContinental Region

 NNLM, National Network of Libraries of Medicine 

 NOVEL Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library

 Nurse Midwifery Curriculum Modules Online tutorials developed for the graduate nurse-midwifery program [EHSL, desktop format]

 Nurse Midwifery Resources Guide links, tools and resources for research and coursework in Nurse Midwifery

 Nursing (Subject Links) 

 Nursing Informatics  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Nursing Reserarch Guide links, tools and resources for research and coursework in Nursing

 Nursing, College of 

 Nutrition Research Resources Help in finding background information on nutrition


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 Occupational Therapy Resources Guide Library and online resources for research in OT

 Off camupus Access 

 Office of Software Licensing, OSL 

 Online Tutorials 

 Online Tutorials Guide collection of online tutorials to help you learn more about various databases, software, and web design tools.

 Open Access 

 Order a Book or Chapter 

 Order a Literature Search 

 Order a Video 

 Order an Article 



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 Parking Garage  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Pay for Services with a Credit Card - pay your invoice online via our secure ecommerce site.

 PDA Applications - Mobile Technology 

 Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics Guide Best resources and practices available for Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics.

 Pharmacy, College of 

 Physical Therapy Resources Guide Library and online resources for research and classwork in PT

 Podium Help Sheets  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Poison Control Center, Utah - resource for poison information, clinical toxicology consultation and poison prevention education.

 Polling Everywhere 

 Presentations and Publications 

 Priscilla Mayden Lecture Established in recognition of the library's director from 1967 -1984.

 Proxy Server for remote access to restricted resources. Log in with UNID.

 Public Health Resources Guide Tools, tips and resources for students and professionals in Public Health.



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 Quinney Law Library 


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 Reference & Research Support 

 Reference Tools 

 Regional Medical Library, RML 

 Remote Access 


 Request a Literature Search 

 Request an Article, Book, or Video 

 Request or Suggest a Library Purchase 

 Requests & Orders 

 Research Tools & Guides 


 Resources for ... 


 RML, Regional Medical Library 

 Room Rentals  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Room Requests  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Rumors on the Web 


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 Schedule Classes  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Scheduling  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Scholarly Communication and Publishing a guide to issues in scholarly communication and publishing.

 Scholarly Publishing 

 School of Medicine First Year Orientation Resources for 1st year med students during orientation.

 Service Philosophy 


 Slice of Life Archive 

 Software Licensing - software products at reasonable prices for University of Utah students, staff or faculty.

 Staff & Faculty Directory 

 Statistics - health sciences 

 Subject Research Guides 

 Subject Research Tools/Guides 

 Suggest a Purchase 

 Support the Library with a donation!


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 Tax Forms, Federal 

 Tax Forms, State of Utah 

 Teaching & Learning Technologies - TLT 

 Teaching lab  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Technical & Computer Support 

 Technology  [EHSL, desktop format]

 Telehealth -- Utah Telehealth Network 

 Topics in Medicine OB/GYN Guide includes objectives, resources, and assignments for Topics in Medicine OB/GYN

 Topics in Medicine Pediatrics Guide Outline, tips and tutorials for Topics in Medicine Pediatrics class

 Toxic Substances and Environmental Medicine Research Tools Research tips for finding articles, books, data and statistics on toxic substances and environmental medicine.

 TurningPoint Audience Response System for Health Sciences Center

 Tutorials, Online 


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 UCard Services - Manage your UCash account.

 UHSLC, Utah Health Sciences Library Consortium 

 University of Utah Website 

 Uspace - An open archive of the intellectual capital and scholarly materials of the University of Utah, the Institutional Repository.

 Utah Academic Libraries 

 Utah Health Sciences Library Consortium, UHSLC 

 Utah Public Libraries 

 Utah Resources 

 Utah Telehealth Network , UTN 

 Utah Women's Health Information Network (UWIN) - Introduce & evaluate health interventions through community clinic projects which improve health and ultimately create systems change in women's health care in Utah.

 UtahHealthNet - Health information resources of interest to the people of Utah. [EHSL, desktop format]

 UUHSC, U of U Health Sciences Center 


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 Video Resources, Video Studio 

 Video Services 

 Vision and Mission of the Library 

 VPN Client for remote access to restricted access. Log in with UNID.

 VPN, Web Web access to restricted resources. (Bookmark it.) Log in with UNID.


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 Web VPN Web access to restricted resources. Log in with UNID.


 WebCT (now Canvas/Instructure) 


 Weekly Room Schedule (select room number, 1007 is default)

 Wiki (formerly TWiki) Wiki Webs - most require an account to view and edit content. [EHSL, desktop format]

 Wireless Access Campus wireless networks

 Women's Health, Center of Excellence 

 Workshop Evaluation Link 

 Workshops @ the Library 

 Worldcat Find items in a library near you.

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