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  • About Us
  • Academic Colleges at UUHSC
  • Academic Pioneer
    Utah's Online Library.
  • Address of the library
  • Addresses
    for physicans, dentists, hospitals and more.
  • Alumni Hall
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Article Databases
  • Ask A Question
  • Audience focused pages
  • Audience Response Sytem
    TurningPoint software for the Health Sciences Center
  • Author Instructions
  • Award-winning Design
    [EHSL, desktop format]

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  • Bicycle Cages
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Biomedical Informatics
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Bistro Cafe at the Hub
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Blog
    Eccles Library blog, where you can read about news and events at the Library.
  • Blog listing, Eccles Library
    List of Library weblogs
  • Bookstore, Health Sciences
  • Borrowing Policies
  • Brief Guide
  • Building Directory
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Building Management
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Building Overview
    [EHSL, desktop format]

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  • Calendars for Eccles Library
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Campus AtoZ Index
  • Campus Directory
  • Campus Links
  • Campus Map
  • Cancer Research Guide
    Library and online resources on the topic of cancer, all types.
  • Center of Excellence in Women's Health
  • Circulation
  • Citing Electronic (& Print) Sources
  • Citing Electronic and Print Resources
    including APA, AMA, MLA styles.
  • Class Evaluation
    Tell us how the class worked for you.
  • Class Evaluation Link
    (for library classes and workshops)
  • Classrooms
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Clinical Skills Suite
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Clinical Staff Education
  • Clinical Toolbox
    - Clinical Tools for Point of Care
  • Collections & Libraries
  • Computer & Media
  • Computer Suite
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Computer Support
  • Computer Use Policy
    University of Utah Student Computing Facilities Acceptable Use Policy
  • Computers and EHSEB Provided Technology and Equipment
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Consult with a Librarian
  • Consumer Health
  • Contact Us
  • Contact Us
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Copyright
  • Course Materials - see "My Classes" in CIS
  • Credit Card online payments
    - pay for services online via our secure ecommerce site.
  • CTE registration and instructions
  • Current Awareness & Health News

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  • Daily Room Schedule
  • Databases, Full-text
  • Databases, Marriott Library
  • Databases, Medical & Health Sciences
  • Dental Education
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Dental Neuroanatomy course guide
    Course guide for Anatomy 6050 taught by David Morton and Suzanne Stensaas.
  • Dictionaries
  • Digital Collections
  • Directory, Campus
  • Directory, Library Staff & Faculty
  • Distance Education Classrooms
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Distance Education Services
  • Document Delivery & Interlibrary Loans
  • Donations - Help us grow
  • Duplication

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  • eBooks
    Online, fulltext books. Some free, most are restricted to University of Utah.
  • Eccles Health Sciences Education Building, EHSEB
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Eccles Health Sciences Library
  • Education
  • Education & Instruction Services
  • EHSEB, Eccles Health Sciences Education Building
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • EHSLibrary Blog
    Eccles Library blog, where you can read about news and events at the Library.
  • eJournals
    Online, fulltext journals from the University Libraries. Some free, most are restricted to University of Utah.
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Ereserves
  • eSynapse
    Current issue
  • eSynapse
  • Evalutating Internet Resources
  • Event Calendar, Eccles Health Sciences Library
    Select Calendar for Eccles Health Sciences Library
  • Event Calendar, University of Utah
    Calendar of Events at The University of Utah
  • Evidence Based Practice
  • EZProxy

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  • Facilities use policies
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Faculty & Staff Directory
  • FAQ
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions
  • Feedback
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Fees, Library Fees for Services
  • Find
  • Floor plans, EHSEB
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Free Clinical Tools
  • Fulltext Databases
  • Fulltext Electronic Journals
    for the University of Utah campus.

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  • Garage Parking
  • General Medicine Research Guide
    Library and online resources on the topic of general medicine.
  • Genetics, see Helix Helper
  • Gerontology Research
    Tools and resources for coursework and research in gerontology.
  • Government Agencies, Documents & Databases
  • Government Documents (Gov Docs)
  • Government Documents, Health Sciences
    Find government documents, databases, data sets, statistics, agencies, and research tools related to the health sciences.
  • Grants

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  • Handouts
    Use these handouts to become familiar with the process for searching a database or using a software program.
  • Handouts & Tutorials
  • HEAL, Health Assets Education Library
  • Health Library
    - the Hope Fox Eccles Health Library offers patients and visitors a place to find health information.
  • Health Literacy Guide
    - a collaboration to meet the challenge of increasing the awareness of health literacy in Utah.
  • Health Sciences Center Colleges
  • Health Sciences Center, UUHSC
  • Health Sciences Libraries, USA
  • Health, College of
  • Helix Helper
  • History of Medicine Collection
  • Hours
  • Hours
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • How to Find Us

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  • IAIMS Newsletter
    1995 - 2008. [EHSL, desktop format]
  • ILLiad
    Order items (articles, books & more) not on campus. Fees may apply.
  • Infofair
    the library's annual technology fair on computing issues in the health sciences.
  • Informatics
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Institutional Repository (IR)
    USpace is an open archive of the intellectual capital and scholarly materials of the University of Utah.
  • Interlibrary Loans & Document Delivery
  • iTunes U

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  • Jobs at Eccles Library
    Employment opportunities at Eccles Library

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  • Knowledge Weavers Archive
    [EHSL, desktop format]

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  • Lab Use Policy
    Computer Use Policy for University of Utah Computing Facilities
  • Law Library, Quinney
  • Lecture Halls
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Librarian's Internet Index
    - high-quality websites carefully selected, described, and organized by a team of librarians.
  • Library Catalog
    Find items at campus libraries - Eccles Health Sciences, Marriott, and Quinney Law.
  • Library Catalogs
  • Library Classes
  • Library Permits
  • Library Services
  • LIFT, Library & Information Technology Forum
  • Lockers
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Lost and Found
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Lost and Found
    lost and found policies page

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  • Maps
  • Maps
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Marriott Library Homepage
  • Medical & Health Sciences Databases A-Z
  • Medical Home Portal
    - an approach to providing comprehensive primary care to children with special health care needs.
  • Medicine - Research Guide
  • Medicine, School of
  • Mission and Vision of the Library
  • MLA, Medical Library Association
  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Technology
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics
    Library services for scientists and students in the field of molecular biology research.
  • Molecular Biology, see Helix Helper
  • Multimedia

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  • National Library of Medicine, NLM
  • National Network of Libraries of Medicine, NNLM
  • Neuroscience Resources Guide
    Resources specific to the area of Neuroscience.
  • News in Health & Medicine
  • Newsletter, eSynapse
    2008 - 2015
  • Newsletter, IAIMS
    1995 - 2008 [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Next Generation Library
  • NLM Gateway
  • NLM Locatorplus
  • NLM, National Library of Medicine
  • NN/LM MidContinental Region
    National Networks of Libraries of Medicine - MidContinental Region
  • NNLM, National Network of Libraries of Medicine
    Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library
  • Nurse Midwifery Curriculum Modules
    Online tutorials developed for the graduate nurse-midwifery program [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Nurse Midwifery Resources Guide
    links, tools and resources for research and coursework in Nurse Midwifery
  • Nursing (Subject Links)
  • Nursing Informatics
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Nursing Reserarch Guide
    links, tools and resources for research and coursework in Nursing
  • Nursing, College of
  • Nutrition Research Resources
    Help in finding background information on nutrition

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  • Occupational Therapy Resources Guide
    Library and online resources for research in OT
  • Off camupus Access
  • Office of Software Licensing, OSL
  • Online Tutorials
  • Online Tutorials Guide
    collection of online tutorials to help you learn more about various databases, software, and web design tools.
  • Open Access
  • Order a Book or Chapter
  • Order a Literature Search
  • Order a Video
  • Order an Article
  • Outreach

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  • Parking Garage
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Pay for Services with a Credit Card
    - pay your invoice online via our secure ecommerce site.
  • PDA Applications - Mobile Technology
  • Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics Guide
    Best resources and practices available for Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics.
  • Pharmacy, College of
  • Physical Therapy Resources Guide
    Library and online resources for research and classwork in PT
  • Podium Help Sheets
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Poison Control Center, Utah
    - resource for poison information, clinical toxicology consultation and poison prevention education.
  • Polling Everywhere
  • Presentations and Publications
  • Priscilla Mayden Lecture
    Established in recognition of the library's director from 1967 -1984.
  • Proxy Server
    for remote access to restricted resources. Log in with UNID.
  • Public Health Resources Guide
    Tools, tips and resources for students and professionals in Public Health.
  • PubMed

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  • Quinney Law Library

  • R go to first-letter index

  • Reference & Research Support
  • Reference Tools
  • Regional Medical Library, RML
  • Remote Access
  • Renewals
  • Request a Literature Search
  • Request an Article, Book, or Video
  • Request or Suggest a Library Purchase
  • Requests & Orders
  • Research Tools & Guides
  • Reserve
  • Resources for ...
  • rise
  • RML, Regional Medical Library
  • Room Rentals
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Room Requests
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Rumors on the Web

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  • Schedule Classes
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Scheduling
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Scholarly Communication and Publishing
    a guide to issues in scholarly communication and publishing.
  • Scholarly Publishing
  • School of Medicine First Year Orientation
    Resources for 1st year med students during orientation.
  • Service Philosophy
  • Services
  • Slice of Life Archive
  • Software Licensing
    - software products at reasonable prices for University of Utah students, staff or faculty.
  • Staff & Faculty Directory
  • Statistics - health sciences
  • Subject Research Guides
  • Subject Research Tools/Guides
  • Suggest a Purchase
  • Support the Library
    with a donation!

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  • Tax Forms, Federal
  • Tax Forms, State of Utah
  • Teaching & Learning Technologies - TLT
  • Teaching lab
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Technical & Computer Support
  • Technology
    [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Telehealth -- Utah Telehealth Network
  • Topics in Medicine OB/GYN Guide
    includes objectives, resources, and assignments for Topics in Medicine OB/GYN
  • Topics in Medicine Pediatrics Guide
    Outline, tips and tutorials for Topics in Medicine Pediatrics class
  • Toxic Substances and Environmental Medicine Research Tools
    Research tips for finding articles, books, data and statistics on toxic substances and environmental medicine.
  • TurningPoint
    Audience Response System for Health Sciences Center
  • Tutorials, Online

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  • UCard Services
    - Manage your UCash account.
  • UHSLC, Utah Health Sciences Library Consortium
  • University of Utah Website
  • USpace
    - An open archive of the intellectual capital and scholarly materials of the University of Utah, the Institutional Repository.
  • Utah Academic Libraries
  • Utah Health Sciences Library Consortium, UHSLC
  • Utah Public Libraries
  • Utah Resources
  • Utah Telehealth Network , UTN
  • Utah Women's Health Information Network (UWIN)
    - Introduce & evaluate health interventions through community clinic projects which improve health and ultimately create systems change in women's health care in Utah.
  • UtahHealthNet
    - Health information resources of interest to the people of Utah. [EHSL, desktop format]
  • UUHSC, U of U Health Sciences Center

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  • Video Resources, Video Studio
  • Video Services
  • Vision and Mission of the Library
  • VPN
    Client for remote access to restricted access. Log in with UNID.
  • VPN, Web
    Web access to restricted resources. (Bookmark it.) Log in with UNID.

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  • Web VPN
    Web access to restricted resources. Log in with UNID.
  • Webcam
  • WebCT (now Canvas/Instructure)
  • WebPath
  • Weekly Room Schedule
    (select room number, 1007 is default)
  • Wiki (formerly TWiki)
    Wiki Webs - most require an account to view and edit content. [EHSL, desktop format]
  • Wireless Access
    Campus wireless networks
  • Women's Health, Center of Excellence
  • Workshop Evaluation Link
  • Workshops @ the Library
  • Worldcat
    Find items in a library near you.
  • U of U Health