Alice Weber, RN, MLS, AHIP

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Please note: This is an Emeritus faculty statement. Alice retired in June, 2015.

I graduated with a nursing degree in 1972 and that same year began adventures as an Air Force Wife. After raising five children and many nursing jobs in a variety of settings, I pursued a new career -- I went back to school for a master's degree in library science. Part of my internship for school was accomplished at the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, and a little to my surprise, I found that academic health sciences librarianship was what I would ideally like to pursue. I was passionate about the importance of what the EHSL had to offer to students and their future careers as health care providers, and the importance of evidence and current information to the growth and development of health care.

During my time at EHSL, I have worked as Collection Development Librarian, Coordinator of Educational Technologies for College of Nursing, Research Librarian (part-time) for the Department of Family & Preventive Medicine, and Interprofessional Education Librarian. I have consulted for Health Literacy, and was Research Coordinator for a Center on Aging grant with Dr. Guilherme Del Fiol. This aging grant allowed me to observe and interact with our wonderful geriatricians.

Some of the experiences I have most enjoyed over the years include:

IPE: Helping develop and facilitate for IPE (interprofessional education) scenarios. It has been challenging to deal with the logistics, the complexities of simulation learning, and always keep the focus on the IPE Core Competencies. It has been especially rewarding to watch the students struggle, then realize, articulate and internalize key lessons they will take with them into their careers as the future of medicine in our country. It is gratifying to see the recognition of and appreciation for what each profession contributes.

Teaching Topics in OB/GYN to third year medical students. Librarians spend five weeks with each clinical clerkship rotation teaching students how to refine their searches and evaluate the literature on specific key topics and illustrate how that knowledge can impact clinical decision-making. And we guide and applaud them as they successfully share their newly gained expertise with their colleagues.

People: True highlights of my time at EHSL are the great people I get to work with at the University, our region, and in national organizations; opportunities to learn new things and having challenges to work on; and the chance to stretch myself in my professional development.

Plan for the future: I anticipate the future will be busy as my husband and I continue our travels, experience the joys of grand-parenting, and work through a years-old list of home projects. A key goal is keeping in touch with dear colleagues and the many fascinating activities at the University of Utah.

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