InfoFair 2012 Abstract

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The Clifford C. Snyder, M.D. and Mary Snyder Lecturer

Personal Stories, Cultural Change Women Physicians in America, 1850-2012

Presented by Ellen More, Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester

Long before the phrase "work-life balance" became a cultural mantra, women physicians in the U.S. were ingeniously reconciling the complex needs of profession and family. The exhibition, "Changing the Face of Medicine" describes the challenges they faced and how they responded to them by highlighting both their individual diversity and the breadth of their contributions as clinicians, scientists, and reformers. In honor of that exhibition, today's lecture will discuss the history of women in American medicine through the examples of women who successfully responded to the challenges presented to them and, in the process, also helped transform their profession and their communities. Dr. More will also discuss the challenges of constructing a multi-media narrative that is both clear and -necessarily-- complex.

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