Order a Literature Search/Systematic Review

Expert Searching:

Although most Reference services, such as consultation and instruction, are provided at no charge, expert searching of literature databases, including for systematic reviews, by the Reference team is also available.
Fees for expert mediated searches and systematic reviews are listed below.

Email us, visit us, or call 801-581-5534 to consult with a member of the Reference and Research Team.

Systematic Review and Related Methodology:

University of Utah students, staff, or faculty wishing to perform a systematic review (or use of a related methodology) will need to complete the request form to collaborate with the Systematic Review Core, but may wish to contact us first via email at ehsl-sr-experts@lists.utah.edu.

Related methodologies include, but are not limited to: scoping reviews, rapid reviews, evidence-based narrative reviews, systematic-like reviews, realist reviews, and evidence maps. See article, All in the Family: systematic reviews, rapid reviews, scoping reviews, realist reviews, and more for information on how these methodologies are related.

Expert Mediated Search Fees:

  • University of Utah students, staff or faculty: No charge, unless it meets criteria for a systematic review or related methodology (see below)
  • Non-affiliates of University of Utah: $100 base fee plus $100/additional hour
  • Patients and their families, please consult with the Health Library, University Hospital.

Systematic Review and Related Methodology Fees:

  • University of Utah students, staff or faculty: 2 hour consultation, free; after 2 hours or for any search development, $96/hour
  • Non-affiliates of University of Utah: Pricing dependent on project needs.


Mediated literature searches provided by the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library staff are offered on a fee basis as outlined above. While library staff utilize the most appropriate and authoritative sources of information available, the University of Utah assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the information provided or for any damages resulting from its use. Results of literature searches are subject to the limitations of the databases and/or websites searched and are also restricted by contractual database licenses and your parameters. It is your responsibility to determine the accuracy, validity and interpretation of the search results. Mediated literature searches do not include the full-text of the articles, document delivery or interlibrary loan. This information or service is not to be construed as a substitute for the advice of a qualified health care professional.

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