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The goal of the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library is to provide effective and efficient access to information to all Health Sciences students at their location and at their convenience. As higher education becomes increasingly complex and flexible, the demands for remote access and electronic delivery increase. The library maintains a digital video-audio studio with equipment for capturing, editing, managing, and distributing a video library that will provide both live and stored video content. The main purpose of this facility is to provide opportunities for faculty to create educational opportunities in digital video format.

Event Services

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Putting your event on the internet should be easy, we make it that way. We have high quality equipment set up to capture your event via a camera as well as the raw output from your computer, so your power point and video presentations are at the highest possible quality. Our equipment is able to produce high quality live streams, as well as record up to HD quality.

If you have a custom project, need help with special considerations, or have concerns or questions about our services, please contact us for consultation - we can find a solution!

Event Service Fees

Digitization Services

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Digitization Service Fees

Video Services Policies

  1. Video services are available on a first scheduled, first served basis.
  2. After a request has been submitted, please allow up to 24 hours for a confirmation response (weekends exluded).
  3. Our digital conversions may take up to 7 days, please plan accordingly.
  4. Copyright permission may be required for our digitization services.
  5. After an event has been recorded, it may take up to 24 hours to get a link to the recorded resource, except in special circumstances which will need to be requested.
  6. We are not responsible for missing or corrupt files, all payment is for services contracted. We work hard to prevent issues but network connectivity, server outages, equipment failure, etc. is not under the control of the Eccles Library.
  7. All services are billed with a 1 hour minimum

Contact Us

For services requests please use the applicable forms:
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Email - non-scheduling request messages only; preferred to phone calls:
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Derek Cowan 801-560-4691

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